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Be inspired by romantic sunsets, crystal sea and divine mountains of ‘’happily ever after’’ Croatia.

We are here for you to give you the best romantic getaway, in the most amazing place on Earth. As experts in tailor made romantic packages, we can take care of everything for you to ensure you have a magical vacation together. 

Contact us today and let’s start planning the perfect romantic holiday package for you!

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No matter which tour you choose, we ensure you’ll get a perfect match. Plus, by choosing one of Croatia In Love Romantic Stay packages, you’ll get the best experience you can get in Croatia. We are the locals, so we can recommend the best authentic one.

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“Come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned.”

-Peter Pan

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If you have decided to book a villa package with us, then you already have chosen some extra services, trips and experiences during your holiday. But, here are some extra ones if you decide to make more out of your stay. Make your travel experience the best time of your life!

Find Your Romantic Experience

BECOME A PARTNER OF THE YEARSurprise your better half

Has your partner always wanted to go on a sailing boat trip, a romantic vineyard tour or has a birthday coming up and you need a big birthday cake, bouquet of flowers or bottle of the best champagne waiting for you two (psssst!) - we will make it happen and you will take all the credit for it! ;)

Let us know all the information and ideas you had in mind and we will make a romantic surprise plan for you!