How To Book Your InLOVE Package

Request an offer

Go through our web and check out tailor made packages we’ve designed for you. When you find the perfect match Contact us. You can always reach us via our InLOVE Experience button if you would like us to help you design the perfect InLOVE package for you.

Our offer

After we receive your request we will do our best to make a perfect romantic holiday package for you and your loved one. You will get our offer within 5 working days after we check availability at your chosen dates. You will receive our offer via email with all the details. 

Feel free to contact us any time for any information and questions.

Reservation confirmation

When you are satisfied with our final offer, you will receive a Reservation form. Enter all details necessary and you will get a final confirmation via email. All important details that are useful for your stay will be sent to you.

Payment Policy

Croatia InLOVE guarantees safe handling and secure transfer of your information. After we receive the paid deposit we will send you the confirmation for your booking and notice of receipt. After the total amount payment we’ll send you a receipt and voucher as confirmation for the accommodation and other services.

Make your own InLOVE Package

Our team will work closely with you to create the ideal InLOVE Package that is just right for you and your loved one.

Our ‘Tailor Made’ questionnaire will help to provide some focus when designing your InLOVE package, but please feel free to add as much detail as you would like to the questionnaire.